Storage Components

The requirements of every client vary from business to business. We provide all kinds of storage components ranging from small-scale storage devices to large-scale server deployments. We also provide after-sales support to our clients.

Disaster Recovery

Servers and storage gadgets are the most critical parts on your business network, since they store the information that empowers your association to work. ZeroxTech provides unmatched disaster recovery backup plans and maintain the environment so we can mitigate the risks to the minimum.

Server Management

Server management plays a vital role in every firm regardless of the size. We provide reliable server management services to our clients taking care of all the obstacles and hindrances faced on daily basis.

Network servers sit at the core of any association, enabling clients to share information, internet access and peripherals like scanners and printers.


ZeroxTech engineers will investigate the business applications you are running and the relating stockpiling prerequisites, before prescribing best-of-breed hardware to satisfy your necessities. Independent companies may deal with a solitary server or a cross breed arrangement with email being overseen in the cloud. Bigger associations may require devoted record servers, email servers and application servers.


For a few organizations, particularly the individuals who are liable to administrative consistence enactment, the integrity, availability and assurance of information is vital to their productivity and long haul achievement. For these organizations, NAS and SAN arrangements may likewise be prescribed.

At the point when hardware is as critical as a record server or capacity gadget, ZeroxTech will likewise for the most part prescribe excess choices, from plate reflecting and RAID arrangements directly through to live server replication.

    Network servers and capacity:
  • Document Servers
  • Trade and SQL servers
  • Excess RAID clusters
  • Live server replication
  • NAS and SAN stockpiling clusters
  • Best-of-breed hardware

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