Routers Configuration

We provide routers deployment in your homes and offices with proper structuring and covering all the dimensions of the premises. Additionally, we also provide remote connectivity arrangements that allows you to access your system regardless of the place you're at.

Switches Installation

ZeroxTech provides custom switches installations making sure that the structure is not compromised. We provide LAN, WAN & Intranet structure deployment to residential and commercial clients, providing them on-call support as well so they won't face any issues. 


ZeroxTech provides configurations of WIFI setups for home or office uses that includes installation of related devices in order to carry out the wireless networking activities. Our team of experts is ready to make your network totally wire free so it is more convenient and mobile!

Network routers and switches administer are two of the major parts of any network – security and execution!


In today's work environment, your IT systems will be the reason of success if it's managed efficiently.


With the ascent in demand for more open network architectures to empower remote connectivity arrangements and virtual private networks, routers currently assume a vital job in shielding your critical business frameworks from undesirable interlopers. Within the workplace, clients likewise expect the flexibility of a remote association for PCs and cell phones.

ZeroxTech enables its customers to settle on educated choices concerning the details and encryption dimensions of their internet routers and remote passages. We can likewise prescribe an extensive variety of network switches, from private company gadgets through to top of the line alternatives that allows a seamless flow of activities and improved execution of the plans.

    Switch intend for your network:
  • Routers and firewalls
  • Network switches
  • Wi-Fi passageways
  • Security audits
  • Network Infrastructure Deployment
  • Remote Connectivity System

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