Phone System & VoIP

Central Management

We understand the IP protocols and are using it for years in order to provide the clients with their networking. Nowadays, phones use the same tech and as such we are able to manage all the needs of our clients regarding telephony and IT processes and frameworks.

Home Working Solutions

We enable the home based working people with the same network resources and same service that is being used throughout and configure a telephony service that can cater that same services as that of the other extensions professionally used.

Free Internet Calls

The VOIP service management provides our valuable customers to make free calls over the internet lie making calls to the branch offices or the franchises in different cities r countries. The whole service will be very free except for the need to take it into public network or to other destinations.

As a recent surge in the use of telephony and the integrated computer services has been modified. There is an increase in the use of VOIP services to make calls over internet and attain the same privileges of the phone service. Today the traditional phone services have adopted the IP networking protocols so there is a need to make connections for the newer services for our clients.

We also generate the networks based on the VOIP service networks to enable our customers to make free calls regarding their business. We use the same framework of telephony for both the professional and home-based clients.

Why Choose Us?

  • Web GUI Configuration Interface
  • Cost Efficient VOIP Providers
  • Scablable System
  • Small Business IP / PBX / VOIP
  • Call Centre Solutions
  • Remote Office Access

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